Intelsat Gives Back - Space STEM in Africa


Intelsat in partnership with MaxIQ Space is delivering their Space STEM programme to teenagers across the African continent.

Announced during World Space Week, this intensive programme is mission one of a three mission space programme that culminates in students designing, building and launching experiments into space!

Program intensity
MaxIQ Space selects thirty participants from the hundreds of applications received. These participants all receive an Intelsat MaxIQ kit at their home, and join live virtual workshops and Q&A sessions with subject matter experts. By learning, linking Space, STEM and Sustainability, the youngsters perform experiments and complete assignments, culminating in payload and satellite concept design.

Intelsat supports the participants of all the programs since conception in 2020 with an Alumni group. Each year, those who successfully complete mission 1 are invited to join the Alumni. Only Alumni members are invited to participate in further Intelsat-funded missions.

Important Dates:

  • Applications for 2024 are closed
  • Program commences in early May 2024
  • Conclusion and presentations in July/ August 2024

    For those who are selected - Getting Started:

    • MaxIQ Kit - Once you have received your kit, you'll find all the information you need at this link.
    • Canvas - You will receive an email invitation to Canvas, please create yourself an account and accept this course invitation. The whole program is delivered using Canvas, please make sure you have this ready for the first session.
    • Zoom - All workshops are held using Zoom. Please make sure you have access to Zoom and a web connection so that you can participate.
    • Workshops will be held on Wednesday evenings over Zoom, for 60 to 90 minutes (Central African Time Zone).

    Those who complete the program will be invited to join the Alumni group, to take on advanced projects including building payloads to go to space.


    Our Partners

    Changing the world isn't easy, and we couldn't do it alone. 

    A core value of MaxIQ is to be able to provide our educational resources to students around the globe, especially those who live in areas where there is a lack of educational infrastructure to support these young minds in achieving their full potential. MaxIQ wouldn't be able to fulfil our mission without support from...


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