Intelsat Gives Back - Space STEM in Africa 2022


Intelsat in partnership with MaxIQ Space is delivering their Space STEM programme to teenagers across the African continent.

Announced during World Space Week, this intensive programme is mission one of a three mission space programme that culminates in students designing, building and launching satellites into space!

Program Outline:

Saturday 12th February 2022, 11h00 (CAT) - Workshop  1 - Onboarding
In this workshop we get our kits up and running, connected to WiFi and begin using the dashboard. These resources are key in preparation:

Workshop outline:

  • Science Topic - data collection and verification
  • Engineering topic - building and trouble-shooting a scientific instrument using modular electronics

Experiment to conduct before the onboarding session:

  • Is there a relationship between natural light intensity and temperature? (link to experiment brief)

Links from the workshops:

  • Recording of the first session (link)
  • How to take a great profile photo with a smart phone - specialist and globally renowned photographer Karl Schoemaker (link
  • We've signed everyone on this program to Canvass. Please look at your email for the assignments, group project and other information.
  • Mega Assignment - living on Mars (description)
  • Group project outline

The Canvas LMS will be updated with additional workshops as they are scheduled, as well as links to workshop recordings.

A video of the 2021 Mission 1.