Suborbital launch payload and rocket design challenge

MaxIQ and bluShift Aerospace will be challenging student groups to build and launch suborbital payloads.

    To see who has booked already, go to our manifest page.

    Information sessions:
    The information sessions are all recorded and the links are on this page.


    The high-level program is:

    • February 2022 - the groups that have never used modular electronics before, we'll be sending you STEM starter kits and delivering Zoom workshops to get you going.
    • March 2022 - for 12 weeks we will deliver a workshop a week relating to the topics to be covered over the course of this challenge. During this period you will receive your flight hardware. Detailed outline.
    • July 2022 - all kits to be launched are shipped to MaxIQ Space for integration into 3U stacks. These are in turn shipped to bluShift Aerospace to prepare for launch.
    • August 2022 - suborbital launch
    • September 2022 - kits returned to groups for data analysis
    • October 4th to 11th, 2022 - presentation of results during World Space Week


    As we deliver the workshops we will update this page with links and resources.

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