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Intelsat Alumni TinyGS Kit

Intelsat Alumni TinyGS Kit

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This kit is specific for the Intelsat Space STEM Alumni.

We've developed a kit to support the LoRa community, wanting to build TinyGS ground stations. This kit will be distributed to the schools across Maine participating in the Maine K-12 Space STEM program.

Build a ground station capable of receiving telemetry from currently 14+ active satellites. Become a valuable member of a network with 1000+ ground stations.
Based on the TinyGS ground station solution, you will build and “program” a stand-alone ground station. The software will auto-tune to a 70cm/±433MHz LoRa based satellite currently in a polar-orbit, allowing you to listen in everywhere on earth.

In the kit:

  • 1 x Extended core with ESP32 processor, SD card interface and LoRa connector
  • 1 x LoRa radio board (400 - 540 MHz)
  • 1 x USP power and programming interface
  • 1 x OLED display
  • 8 x 10 pin connectors

Not supplied with the kit, yet recommended:




Bjarke Gotfredsen issued a post in March 2022, here is the post:
I configured one of the extended cores with a LoRa radio in the 400-450 MHz range. I downloaded the firmware from, did a few mods, and tested it with a duplicated setup with standard small dipole antenna. When I confirmed a test packet from the one to the other worked, I downloaded a 3D quadrifilar helicoidal antenna .scad file, calculated an antenna for 436MHz (using, and spent 18 hours printing the antenna in the picture. Added some wire to the groves, found an unused antenna cable and got it connected to the LoRa radios U.Fl/Ipex antenna connector. Waited overnight to get some sats flying over and got my first packets a few hours ago. Notice the 800 miles distance in the screen shot. I have ordered another antenna from Amazon: Follow my ground station here Don't worry about the black chips in the picture, they are just prototypes of our white production chips. This TinyGS project is a fun way of engaging the space community, especially where I am sitting at the end of the world. We have a close relationship with the South African Space Agency, and they have previously installed our xChips for a weather station on Antartica. We plan to get one of these TinyGS ground stations to Antartica, when they go back next summer in November. If you are interested, I will be updating as I go along.


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