bluShift Aerospace Suborbital Rocket Launches

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MaxIQ Space has secured multiple launch opportunities for students, schools and educational institutions already using XinaBox kits.

bluShift Aerospace Beta Rocket Test :

  • Goal - collect and analyse data relating to the flight profile of the Stardust bluShift test launch. 
  • Hardware - MaxIQ modular electronics similar to the XinaBox Environment Remote Sensing kit XK07 or XinaBox XK90 CubeSat kit
  • Workshops - fortnightly rocket and payload design workshops, model rocket missions, sessions with industry experts, payload systems engineering, mission data collection and analysis
  • Cost - US$ 995 including kit shipping to and from launch, payload integration and launch. In some USA States we have secured sponsorship, if you believe that your group qualifies, please complete this form
  • Launch - Mid 2022, bluShift Launch Facility, Maine, USA
  • Project details - the package includes delivery of your kit, on-boarding workshops, delivery of your kit to the bluShift Aerospace, and return of the kits to participants post-launch. Conclusion workshops will take place post data analysis to conclude the mission. Note, this launch purchase does not include the hardware kit.
  • Sign up - book your place by purchasing your launch here, and please see the manifest on this page.

Please look at the bluShift Aerospace website for more information on their launches into the future.