Stardust bluShift Aerospace Suborbital Rocket Launch and Kit

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MaxIQ Space has secured multiple launch opportunities for students, schools and educational institutions with MaxIQ Space kits.

bluShift Aerospace Rocket Test :

  • Goal - collect and analyse data relating to the flight profile of the Stardust bluShift test launch. 
  • Kit - MaxIQ will supply the kit comprising modular electronics, software and workshops
  • Cost - US$ 2,495 including kit shipping to and from launch, payload integration and launch. In some USA States we have secured sponsorship, please contact Judi at judi @ for more information
  • Launch - Early 2022, bluShift Launch Facility, Maine, USA
  • Project details - the package includes delivery of your kit, on-boarding workshops, delivery of your kit to the bluShift Aerospace, and return of the kits to participants post-launch. Conclusion workshops will take place post data analysis to conclude the mission
  • Sign up - please purchase your kit and payload space on this page.

Please look at the bluShift Aerospace website for more information on their launches into the future.