XinaBox - STEM Starter Kit XK01

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The XinaBox Starter Kit (XK01) gives you everything you need to build a light monitor and weather station ‘edge device’ that collects a range of environmental data. Build and code your environmental monitor and then connect it to an IoT dashboard to collect and analyse the data. Create alerts and automation systems, or link up to an AI / ML service. With the OLED display, you can view sensor data, IoT messages and diagnostics locally, or connect a bridge to attach the kit to other devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi, micro:bit).

XinaBox delivers a virtual workshop series using this kit, to support students learning from home.

In the box you will find two xChip sensors: one for UVA, UVB and light, and the other for temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. You will also find a Wi-Fi Core xChip (ESP8266), mini-OLED display, a spacer that provides mechanical strength, connectors, and a programming interface (which also acts as a USB power source).

See our XK01 Resources page and Getting Started Guide for further instructions on assembling and coding your kit, including connecting to IoT dashboards.

Kit contents
1 x CW01-XK - Wi-Fi Core (ESP8266/ESP-12F)
1 x IP01 - USB Programming Interface (FT232R)
1 x MD01 - Blank
1 x OD01 - OLED Display 128x64 (SSD1306)
1 x SL01 - UVA, UVB, Light (VEML6075 & TSL4531)
1 x SW01 - Advanced Weather Sensor (BME280)
1 x XC10 - 10-Pack xBUS Connectors

How it works
This Starter Kit is hugely flexible - only 15 mins for beginners from unboxing to an IoT device streaming data online, and also designed to work with Microsoft Azure, Blynk, All Things Talk, OKdo IoT, Ubidots, and many others.

1. Ready to load Arduino code: supplied bin files give you everything needed to make an indoor environment monitor in minutes. This includes access to a free Kibana data dashboard and our MQTT server to send your data to any cloud service. Please see our Getting Started Guide, which includes instructions on how to assemble the kit, load and configure the Arduino code, allowing the kit to connect to Wi-Fi, our free dashboard and the cloud.

2. Arduino IDE: supplied Arduino sketch allows users to customise their own weather station and MQTT server, and use our sample code, projects and tutorials.

3. Azure IoT: connect easily with our Azure Certified xChip Core CW01, supporting tutorial on Microsoft’s website.

4. Ubidots IoT platform: tutorials and code provided, displaying IoT data and with analytics and alert functionality. See this tutorial to start.

5. All Things Talk Maker and IoT Platform, tutorials and projects to connect this and other XinaBox devices. See this tutorial and video to start. 

6. Blynk IoT app: tutorials and code provided, benefits as above with Ubidots. 

7. OKdo IoT Cloud Makers Platform