Nipmuc Regional High School Celebrates WSW22' Win

The following post is an excerpt from the Nipmuc Regional High School (Upton, MA) newsletter: 

       "Mr. James Gorman's Engineering 2 students participated in a monthlong MaxIQ Space World Space Week 2022 competition based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).  They focused on providing a solution for SDG 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy using their CubeSat sensors.  The students gathered data on light and UV levels at different angles over a week.  After analyzing the data, they determined that the solar panel should always be facing the sun to maximize the amount of electricity production.  So they designed a solar panel with a motor to keep it focused on the Sun.  Their project was judged runner-up in the international competition!  You can watch the announcement at  As a prize, the students were awarded some advanced CubeSat sensors.  Great job, Team Nipmuc!!!!  Alex H., Derek C., Marcelo F., Liam O., Alysse S., Jacob S., Joe A., Dominic A., Jackson T., and Ronan J.
      The class has also been sponsored to participate in a Suborbital Launch Challenge run by MaxIQ Space, an international nonprofit dedicated to educating students about the Space industry.  For the Suborbital Launch Challenge, MaxIQ Space has teamed up with bluShift Aerospace, a rocket company startup based in Brunswick, Maine, seeking to service the CubeSat with rockets using non-toxic, carbon-neutral biofuel.   As part of the challenge, students must contribute to the design of a CubeSat to collect data on a suborbital rocket launch.  Students then analyze the data and report back to bluShift Aerospace so they can improve their rocket.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to participate in real-world science and engineering and make a difference."
    MaxIQ Space would like to congratulate the students from Nipmuc Regional High School, as well as other participating teams who went above and beyond throughout this challenge! We can't wait to see what you guys do next!
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