Launch Opportunities

MaxIQ Space has secured multiple launch opportunities for students, schools and educational institutions with XinaBox kits.

bluShift Aerospace Stardust Rocket Test :

  • Goal - collect and analyse data relating to the flight profile of the bluShift test launch. 
  • Hardware - XinaBox CubeSat kit XK90 or the Environment Remote Sensing kit XK07
  • Cost - from US$ 1,900 including kit shipping to and from launch, payload integration and launch. In some USA States we have secured sponsorship, please contact Judi at judi @ for more information
  • Launch - Early August 2022, bluShift Launch Facility, Maine, USA
  • Project duration - six months to a year
  • Sign up - please use this link 

Please look at the bluShift Aerospace website for more information on their launches into the future.

Habitat Air Quality Project including the International Space Station - MaxIQ and the Quest for Space Institute are partnering on a data collection project on the International Space Station.

  • Goal - collect and analyse data relating to air quality where we live and in habitats built for habitation. We strive to understand how we can improve air quality and grow the knowledge base on design considerations for off-planet habitats
  • Hardware - The kit involved is identical to the MK03 kit that can be found at this link.
  • Cost - Participation is at most US$250, for those who have XinaBox kits, we've developed an add-on kit at US$120
  • Launch - SpaceX CRS-22, currently scheduled to launch June 3rd, 2021
  • Project duration - the on-boarding workshop is scheduled for May 15th, 2021 and the kit is expected to return from ISS in August 2021. Conclusion workshops will take place in October 2021 during World Space Week
  • Sign up - please use this link to purchase your kit
Once the kit returns, the data collected on the SD card will be shared with all participants, so that we can compare data collected globally and in orbit.