Launch Opportunities

MaxIQ Space has secured multiple launch opportunities for students, schools and educational institutions with modular electronics kits.

Suborbital missions:

  • Goal - collect and analyse data relating to the flight profile of a suborbital launch. 
  • Hardware - Modular electronics flight payload hardware kit
  • Workshops - weekly mission and payload design workshops, model rocket opportunities, sessions with industry experts, payload systems engineering, mission data collection and analysis
  • Cost - from US $1,995 including kit shipping to and from launch, payload integration, and launch. In some countries we have secured sponsorship, please contact Judi at judi @ for more information
  • Project duration - six months to a year
  • Sign up - please use this link 

Our Partners

Changing the world isn't easy, and we couldn't do it alone. 

A core value of MaxIQ is to be able to provide our educational resources to students around the globe, especially those who live in areas where there is a lack of educational infrastructure to support these young minds in achieving their full potential. MaxIQ wouldn't be able to fulfill our mission without support from...


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