About Us

MaxIQ Space has been established to serve the broader space industry in delivering educational and skills development programs.

The primary goal of the MaxIQ team is to inspire future space industry professionals through the practical and impactful delivery of Space STEM programs. All engagements support and promote a digital future, mapped to the identified requirements for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Practically, this requires the use of digital, modular electronics, ensuring that no formal facilities are required….build your CubeSat at home!

The MaxIQ Space founders bring extensive experience in Space STEM education experience, from junior-high to PhD, multiple engineering industries as well as space industry corporate governance.

The partnership with bluShift Aerospace enables MaxIQ Space to secure student payloads on a regular and reliable basis, achieving the goal of delivering a full satellite systems engineering project from idea to launch within one academic year.

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MaxIQ Corp

PO Box 3444
Wise, VA 24293