Configuring your SDG Kit

Getting Started

To get your kit up and running, please watch this video Getting started video
The video refers to configuring your kit, and here is some important information to consider when configuring your kit for the internet:

  • The SDG core wifi is only open to configuration for 30 seconds after powering up. Therefore, if you want to reconfigure the kit you need to reboot.
  • Once configured it will connect to the last wifi credentials added. If you scroll along the screens you will see the Internet screen with the IP address it is connected to, and if it isn’t connected it will show the unit ID and password.
  • In some organisations the free wifi is blocked from accessing some sites, so sometimes the kit is connected to Internet yet it is being blocked from the MQTT server. The code uses port 1883 and here is an explanation.
  • To configure your kit, you will need the following information
 Your Wifi SSID (WiFi name)
 Your Wifi Password (also called PSK)
 Name of your kit or circuit, so you can find it on the dashboard.


IoT Functionality

To begin using your kit as an IoT device, watch this video on how to connect to the Kibana Dashboard (Using the dashboard).

Restore "Factory Settings"

If you've been coding your core ESP32 and would like to re-install the original code, you can do so from GitHub:

Flashing instructions on GitHub  

The latest release of firmware should be used as it will include libraries for all the sensors.