Living on Antarctica

This page has some interesting links and graphics for you to gain insight to how it is to live on Antarctica.

From 2019, the South African team on Antarctica have been using the MK01 SDG kits to collect and share data with the rest of the world.

As background:

  • An interesting lesson on Antarctica (link)
  • Video on how the Van Allen Belts protect our planet Earth (video)
  • Intelsat installation with link to science being conducted on Antarctica (link)

This map shows the location of the South African base on Antarctica:

 The photo below shows that South African base SANAE, taken during the sumer months:

Earth observation satellites take images of our planet from space on a regular bases. This composite image below has two photographs of Antarctica superimposed to show the ice sheet during summer versus winter. The smaller white ice sheet is the extent of the ice during summer, and the larger pale grey portion is the ice that forms every winter and melts every summer.

In 2020, a group of students interviewed a member of the team living on Antarctica, the full transcript is on this page.

Indoor Conditions:

Data was collected over a four-month period using the MK01 SDG kit, and this data is summarised in this table:

RH (%) Temp (degC)
Maximum                21,0             17,7
Minimum                10,9               9,9
Average                14,2             14,5

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