3D Smart Model Rocket Project

3D Smart Model Rocket Project

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This project/product was released in May 2023, at the Challenger Learning Center in Bangor, Maine, USA, and available to schools from June 2023.
Using xChips as the flight computer, participants design and print their own model rocket, configure their payload, and launch on a local field.

Teachers are supported with a full Canvas course with all the materials required to engage their students in this activity. This curriculum links to:

  • Physics and Newtonian mechanics
  • Mechanical design, additive manufacturing and 3D printing
  • Chemistry and enthalpy/energy calculations
  • Electronics, payload design, and power management
  • Software development, coding, and testing
  • Research design, the scientific method, and data collection/analysis

The kit includes:

  • 3 x MaxIQ Space STEM kits (MK01)
  • Barometer
  • Accelerometer (XYZ)
  • Rechargeable battery unit for the payload
  • Launch platform, remote ignition control, safety glasses, and all other necessary accessories
  • Space model rocket motors
  • 3D print files and instructions

For facilitators wishing to develop their own course materials, the xChips are available as a kit on this page.


How to use

We have developed "Getting Started Guides" for all our kits, please find the appropriate guide at these links:

STEM Starter Kit (MK01/SDG)

TinyGS Ground Station Kit (MK05)

Suborbital Flight Kit

Remote Sensing Kit

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