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MK01 - SDG and Space STEM Kit

MK01 - SDG and Space STEM Kit

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MaxIQ has developed a modular electronics kit in collaboration with the UNDP, linking experiments to the sustainable development goals. This kit is also used in all our Space STEM programs, and is certified by and the UN Development Program.

Kit contents

Each kit box contains:

  • Core computing module based on the ESP32. Dual processor, memory, WiFi and Bluetooth enabled
  • OLED screen as an output
  • USB interface for power and serial output if required
  • Weather sensor collecting air temperature and relative humidity data
  • Light sensor collecting natural light intensity and UVIndex data
  • Soil moisture sensor
  • 8 ten pin connectors for mechanical construction, power and I2C transmission

This kit is supplied when delivering programs and is supported by experiments, lessons, lesson plans and videos. 
Getting started guide on how to assemble the kit and configure it as an IoT device.

We encourage schools and students groups to purchase sets of kits in bundles of 10.
For bundles of 10, please visit this page as we apply a significant discount for these bundles.

All STEM programs delivered by MaxIQ are designed specifically for sponsors, as described in this page.

Add to this kit
MaxIQ Space adds xChips to the ecosystem from time to time, and we've developed an add-on kit for this STEM kit. Please have a look at this MK01A kit.

How to use

We have developed "Getting Started Guides" for all our kits, please find the appropriate guide at these links:

STEM Starter Kit (MK01/SDG)

TinyGS Ground Station Kit (MK05)

Suborbital Flight Kit

Remote Sensing Kit

Frequently asked questions:

Visit the FAQ page for updated answers.

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