MK07 - Advanced Sensor and IoT Kit

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MaxIQ Space has updated the xChip technology and launched a new advanced sensor kit in 2022.

With the MK07 Advanced Sensor and IoT kit you can build a IoT device to monitor environmental conditions and serve as a platform for decision-making.

Ideal for indoor and industrial applications, developing smart devices and process control. 

Invoices and Purchase Orders:

If your institution is based in the USA, and would like us to register on your supply chain, or prefers to pay using EFT or check, please mail, and we can arrange that for you.

MaxIQ is a Virginia, USA corporation, able to ship kits across the globe.

Kit Description:

With this kit you can collect data...

  • with all the convenience of xChips - no soldering, wiring, breadboarding or lab equipment needed
  • requiring no electronics or hardware knowledge
  • providing a much cheaper and more accessible way of building a remote sensing instruments 
  • with easy availability, allowing you to avoid long lead times
  • Sample Arduino code to get going fast

Kit contents:

  • 1 x ESP32 Core with SD card interface and extension connectors. This core can be coded with Arduino, Python, C C++
  • 1 x USB power and programming interface
  • 1 x Weather sensor for temperature and relative humidity
  • 1 x Barometer for atmospheric pressure (and temperature for chip calibration)
  • 1 x Accelerometer with axes X, Y and Z. The data can be used to detect vibrations and changes in orientation
  • 1 x Light sensor for visible light and UV index
  • 1 x GPS or GNSS navigation and location sensor
  • 16 standard 10 pin connectors
  • Selection of prototype and extension boards for you to add your own sensors
  • 1 x OLED display (for configuration not harsh conditions)

    How it works:

    We continuously develop Arduino coding examples for our kits so that you can get started fast. All the coding libraries are available in multiple languages, supporting you to develop your own code.

    The MaxIQ MQTT server delivers data to a Kibana dashboard to efficient remote sensing.