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Solar Eclipse April 2024

Solar Eclipse April 2024

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MaxIQ Space will be leading a data collection and analysis project linked to the USA solar eclipse in April 2024.
In August 2017, a group of high school students in Tennessee collected data using MaxIQ kits in the area of totality of the solar eclipse. This data has been so useful to students globally since then to understand micro-climates and how much sunlight impacts air temperature, humidity , and atmospheric pressure. 
This year we would like to map local environmental data across various degrees of totality, along the path of the eclipse. These results will be presented on World Earth Day, April 22nd.

This project includes:

  • Kits - this project requires three MK01 STEM kits. If you already have these kits, use the discount code "Eclipse" at checkout for the credit. 
  • Course - you and your team will be enrolled in a Canvas course, developed specifically for this project. The course includes curriculum, suggestions, experiments to perform to understand your kit and its applications, a discussion forum, and a calendar to manage dates, deadlines and events.
  • Virtual Workshops - we will deliver two, sixty minute Zoom workshops. The first workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, April 3rd, at 9am (EST) and will cover how to set up the kits for data collection on April 7th, 8th, and 9th. The second workshop will be held after the eclipse, so that we can compare notes and data sets, and prepare for presentations at space and environment conferences.
  • Eclipse - the eclipse will take place on April 8th, 2024, details and the map of totality can be found on this NASA site
  • Data sharing and analysis - the configured kits will post their data to the Kibana dashboard, for all participants to download and analyse. We are encouraging university and college students to base their research projects on this data.

How to use

We have developed "Getting Started Guides" for all our kits, please find the appropriate guide at these links:

STEM Starter Kit (MK01/SDG)

TinyGS Ground Station Kit (MK05)

Suborbital Flight Kit

Remote Sensing Kit

Frequently asked questions:

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